Warid MiFi internet at LTE speed FREE for 3 months

Warid’s MiFi: 

Warid telecom Pakistan now brings LET MiFi device, an imparted web program for Rs 9,999. Pakistan Warid Telecom has produced imparted web projects and a LTE MiFi device. The MiFi gadget works as a convenient remote switch that can join up to 10 advanced mobile phones, tablets or laptops, Users will have methodology to Warid’s LTE benefits on the go in all real urban communities of Pakistan.Warid LTE Plans MiFi Devices 2015 Details

MiFi Devices

The MiFi Devices is an wireless router which is portable device. It allow to connect more then 10 computers, laptop, smartphone or tablets etc. It provide LTE 4G speed and work on all major cities of Pakistan. These devices are available to all major cities of Pakistan. These devices are very good in their battery timing. The battery timing of devices are about 6 hours.

MiFi all Plans

An initial cost of MiFi device start from Rs. 9,999 with an LTE enabled SIM as well as 35GB data volume for every month consecutively for three months. After ending of three months you can select your desire package. Warid give three different LTE Shared Plans which range are 15-35GB and priced between Rs. 1,500 and 3,000. Here is list of package plan.

Mifi Internet PlanVolumeMonthly Charges
MiFi Smart15GBRs. 1500
MiFi Extra20GBRs. 2000
MiFi Ultra35GBRs. 3000

Warid MiFi Terms & Conditions:

Terms and Conditions for Warid MiFi LTE

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