Telenor SMS Packages

The time gone cheaply with my all time messaging to my friends. And this time is best spent when I use any sms bundle by Telenor. The mean time is only the offer that you love and can avail for the long time with low rates. Telenor Talkshawk And Telenor Djuice Have many offers for sms to you and you have the long to to subscribe any one. All Telenor SMS Packages are best in price and the best range of quantity. 

Telenor Talkshawk & Telenor Djuice All SMS Packages Bundles

You can avail of any one of the huge sms offers like Talkshawk Daily SMS Bundle Talkshawk Weekly SMS Bundle, Talkshawk 5 Day SMS Bundle, Talkshawk 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle, Talkshawk 15 Day Value SMS Bundle, Talkshawk 7 Day Mini Budget Offer, Talkshawk 50 Minutes Mini Budget Offer and Talkshawk 100 Minutes Mini Budget Offer that are the cheapest and widely free for you . All Telenor SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly And Monthly free

The other cities offer are Sindh Offer, Multan City Offer, Meri Pasand Offer, Talkshawk SIM Lagao Offer and Talkshawk 3/3 Offer that are fully free to entertaine for the months.

Telenor Talkshawk `Mahana Rakhwala is my own choice that I subscribe to availe for whole month in a cheap price. The more one are the Djuice sms messaging offers that include Djuice Daily , Djuice Weekly , Djuice Monthly and Djuice 15 Day SMS Bundle for you.

The Djuice SMS Minutes Bundle have also free telenore to Telenor minutes with sms bundle. Djuice Monthly Plus SMS Offer. The users of Postpaid SMS have also handsome sms Bundles to subscribe with your monthly billing plan. Here find the Best package you love for your time to be best useds… You can ever help out by calling the Telenor Helpline 24 hours.  Find your desired Telenor SMS Packages here. 

All Telenor Talkshawk SMS Packages Offer Daily, Weekly & Monthly :

Talkshawk SMS Package Name

Subscription Fee

SMS Quantity


How to Activate (Subscribe)

Free Extra Stuff

Talkshawk Daily SMS BundleRs. 3.502001 DayDial:*345*116#Nil
Talkshawk Weekly SMS BundleRs. 12.008007 DaysDial:*345*117#Nil
Talkshawk 5 Day SMS BundleRs. 7.173005 DaysDial:555 or *345*015#Nil
Talkshawk 15 Day Economy SMS BundleRs. 14.3460015 DaysDial:*345*112#Nil
Talkshawk 15 Day Value SMS BundleRs. 38.24150015 DaysDial:555 or *345*005#Nil
Talkshawk 7 Day Mini Budget OfferRs. 86.0010007 DaysDial:*345*247#50 MB Net & 500 Mins
Talkshawk 50 Minutes Mini Budget OfferRs. 14.503001 DayDial:*240#4 MB Net & 50 Mins
Talkshawk 100 Minutes Mini Budget OfferRs. 18.003001 DayDial:*050#3 MB Net & 100 Mins
Sindh OfferRs. 13.00SMS1 DayDial:*5*255#Unlimited Calls
Multan City OfferRs. 5.00SMS1 DayDial:*345*611#Rs.1+Tax/Min on other networks, Unlimited Calls, 50 MB Net
Meri Pasand OfferBased on usageBased on usageDailyDial:5544Internet & Calls Based on usage
Talkshawk SIM Lagao OfferFree100015 DaysDial IVR 2222 to avail the offer1000 Onnet Mins & 1000MB Net
Talkshawk 3/3 OfferRs. 36.003003 DaysDial:*345*243#300 Minutes & 30 MB internet
Talkshawk Mahana RakhwalaRs. 418.00300030 DaysDial:*345*30#3000 Onnet Min & 300 MB Free Internet

DJuice Daily weekly Monthly SMS Bundle Package & Offers:


Message Package

Subscription Free (Charges)

SMS Quantity


How to Activate (subscribe)

Extra Free Stuff

Djuice Daily SMS  BundleRs. 2.00300DailyDial:*2*2*1#Nil
Djuice Weekly SMS BundleRs. 10.0012007 DaysDial:*2*2*2#100 MB WhatsApp
Djuice Monthly SMS BundleRs. 40.0010,00030 DaysDial:*2*2*3#300 MB WhatsApp
Djuice 15 Day SMS  BundleRs. 35.00350015 DaysDial:*2*2*5#200 MB WhatsApp
Djuice SMS Minutes PackageRs. 10.007007 DaysDial:*345*105#12 Telenor Minutes
Djuice Monthly Plus SMS OfferRs. 70 + Tax12,00030 DaysDial:*2*2*4#n/a

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