How to check sim Number of Your own SIM in Pakistan

How to check sim number without balance in Pakistan:

How can I know my SIM card number free without balanceEveryone want to know about how to check sim number if you have old sim and you forgot your mobile number and have no saved contact or sim wrapper is not available at time and the major thing is that you have no balance in your mobile so that you call your nearby friend that can give the mobile sim number that you have called. So it very hard to get your sim number. Mostly in Pakistan, the major five telecom numbers are used. That include Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Zong and Warid sims. Here you can Learn How to Check Your own mobile Phone (SIM) number in Pakistan with each codes simply dial and get your mobile Number for Ufone Warid Jazz Telenor and Zong sim Number free of Cost.

How to check sim number of Ufone Sim without Balance:

To check Ufone Sim Number without Balance is very simple if you are owned mobile Ufone users. You have to simply dial   *780*3# or dial *1#  and by this simple technique, you can get your Ufone Sim number on your own screen..

How to Check Mobilink Jazz Sim Number Code For Free:

The very easy and sole method is to check your number without any balance just dial *99#. They will show your number on the mobile screen. This is a completely free method and easiest method.

How To Check Telenor Sim Number without Balance:

  • First Method you must do that, Send an empty SMS to 7421. You will easily receive your Sim Number by SMS.
  • The second method checking Telenor number is to dial *8888#.
  • You can also dial *101# to Telenor sim number.

How to Check Warid Sim Number Without Balance Procedure:

  1. Send “MYNO” or “MYNUMBER” in an SMS to 6060.
  2. You will receive your complete number in response to your SMS e.g. Your Warid number is 032X-XXXXXXX

How to check Zong sim number without balance full  Procedure:

  1. write *100#
  2.  press the call button
  3.  select a free message & Send it to a NUMBER
  4.  Now you can see your Number ( in the sim number that you have to send the message)

There is also another way to find your Zong sim number if you want than follow this method.

  1. write *8# and press the call button.

Remember 1 thing that may be this codes is different in different areas (so please try with different number (for example *9#,*8#,*7#6,*5#,*4#,*3#,*2#,*1#,*0#)

SO if you got help from this article about How to Check Your Own Mobile Phone (SIM) Number in Pakistan then please send your feedback so that we can improve this post and share more tips and tricks in urdu for your knowledge. The detail of How to check sim number without balance will really help you a lot. So share this post among your friend and save for future reference.

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