Telenor All SMS Package Daily Weekly Monthly 15 Days Monthly

telenor all sms package details daily weekly monthlyTelenor is a famous telecom company in Pakistan that has awesome Telenor SMS Package and have about 3 cror customers who are using different packages on this talkshawk or Djuice sims. Every person needs an SMS package especially a student who wants a package that fits in this pocket budget. Student gets connected with their mates to get help in studies. Every person chooses its needy or budget fit package therefore Telenor has invented many SMS packages so that every user can pick its favorite one. here at mobile you can find all the Telenor talksawk SMS package either daily SMS package, weekly SMS bundle or monthly SMS offer, you can get all details related to Telenor Djuice SMS packages daily weekly 5 days 15 days & monthly SMS bundles.

Telenor All SMS Package Details Daily Weekly Monthly Bundle

Telenor talkshawk SMS packages are best SMS bundle in Pakistan telecommunications you will love to avail them. Telenor daily SMS package is best for the student but this 1-day pkg is very small because students need help anytime so they should choose Telenor talshawk 7 days weekly SMS offer. when its ends then reactivate it if needs but if you are a businessman but a small business then you should choose Telenor talkshawk monthly 30 days SMS package. Telenor Djuice SMS package is awesome because they give much in less. you can see Telenor djuice 7 days SMS package details, it is very cheap and affordable by every person. you can avail Telenor Djuice 30 days SMS package (monthly bundle) in just rs. 40 that is just awesome. you can choose Telenor Djuice SMS minutes bundle so that will give you both SMS and minutes at the same time for 7 days in just rs.11.95. so don’t wait anymore, pick your phone and dial string id of your desired package and have fun.

Telenor Djuice SMS Packages Daily Weekly 15 Days Monthly

Package Name Charges Package Type SMS String Code Validity Available on
TelenorDaily SMS Package Rs. 2 Daily 300 SMS *2*2*1# 1 Day Djuice
Telenor Weekly SMS Package Rs. 10 Including tax Weekly 1200 SMS *2*2*2# 7 Day Djuice
Telenor 15 Day SMS Package Rs. 35 Including tax 15 Days 3500 SMS + 200MB Whatsapp *2*2*5# 15 Day Djuice
Telenor Monthly SMS Package Rs.40 Including tax 30 Days 10000 SMS

300 MB FB/Whatsapp

*2*2*3# 30 Day Djuice
Telenor SMS Minute Bundle Rs.11.95 Including tax Weekly 12 Minutes + 700 SMS *345*105# 7 Day Djuice

 You can check details of all Telenor talkshawk SMS package from daily weekly 5 days 15 days to monthly SMS package that is for 30 days.

Telenor Talkshawk SMS Package Daily Weekly Monthly 5 Days

Package Name Charges Type SMS Sub Code Validity Available For
Telenor Daily SMS Package Rs. 4 Including tax Daily 200 *345*116# 1 Day Talkshawk
Telenor Weekly SMS Package Rs. 11 Including tax Weekly 1000 *345*117# 7 Day Talkshawk
Telenor 15 Day Economy Package Rs. 14.50 Including Tax 15 Days 600 *345*112# 15 Day Talkshawk
Telenor 5 Day SMS Package Rs. 7 Including Tax 5 Days 300 *345*015# 5 Day Talkshawk

 Note: Dial *111# (Charges Rs. 0.24 including tax) to check Free SMS Balance after subscription.

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