All Warid Call Packages: (Daily, 03 Day, Weekly and Monthly)

The time have passed when people used to send letters, mails, drafts that reach the destination of weeks and even months and the real purpose of conveying the message have ended. The time shows changed! Nowadays speaking to your very own loved is simply a matter of one minute and the solution is simple with under discusion topic “All warid call packages”. Now mobile phone leaders have launched mobiles and every person has personal units asap.

The telecom providers come with it easier than before by launching cost-effective packages and packages for their subscribers in order to help them continue to be interconnected with their beloved ones. So to stay connected with your very own loved ones by using calls or SMS is today’s fundamental need.

In Pakistan, a variety of telecom companies are offering different packages at different rates. People have a choice to choose such packages that carry through their requirements at low cost. However, it also turns out to be challenging to check all packages and lots of people do not have know hoe how to do this. So don’t worry! We always comes along up with a resolution to kindly its subscribers. Nowadays you can get all the bundles of Warid in one place.

Warid Telecom continually comes up with exciting offers for its Prepaid and postpaid customers. You can see here the covered the latest Warid Call Packages that are Daily, 3 Day, Weekly and on Monthly basis. Choose your own one to get in deep enjoyment. Get detail of Warid Call Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly all post & Prepaid customers

All Warid Call Packages: Daily, 03 Day, Weekly & Monthly [Prepaid & Postpaid)


The following are the Warid Hourly, (One Day)Daily , (07 Days) Weekly and Monthly (30 Days) call packages. So that uncover the exciting Warid packages exclusively in accordance to your needs.


Warid Daily Call Packages: Prepaid

Warid Daily call packages are very helpful for college students and individuals with low salaries who purchase these types of packages for a few day.  Daily call bundles also meet the requirements of those men and women who are extremely busy and really want to communicate to their liked ones on a particular day be it their birthdays, wedding and other functions etc.

Right here are 3 everyday call offers along with other bonuses. However, prepaid service Customers can choose the package of their requirement.

Warid Daily Call packages

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
Power PackRs 4.99+taxSMS P to 77775 on-net mints+100 SMS+5 MBs
Pakistan OfferRs.12+taxSMS PK to 4337.Unlimited calls from 6pm-8pm

Daily Bundle

Rs. 30+tax Dial *99*11#200 on-net+10 off-net minutes+300 SMS+30 MBs

Warid Weekly Call Packages: Packages

One Week (Hafta) call packages become best for those people so, who is really fond of talking and want to talk to there friends almost every day. These packages are quite cost effective and provide you a whole week to communicate with your loved people.

These bundles are best for college or university students who also want to communicate with their friends throughout exams which are for one week usually in routine.

Warid Telecom provides two different weekly packages. Both these packages are for prepaid consumers only.

Warid Weekly Call packages
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
7 Day OfferRs 110 incl.taxDial *99*7#700 on-net mints+70 off-net minutes+700 SMS+700 MBs
Poora Hafta OfferRs.80 inlc.taxSMS WO to 3333100 on-net mints(mon-sat)+250 on-net minutes(Sunday)+1000 SMS+250 MBs

Warid Monthly Call Packages: Prepaid

Monthly package or Monthly call packages is an advantage in concealing. These are a most used offer and visitors like us might love to opt for them due to two reasons: By subscribing to monthly call packages you have a lot of time period and days to talk to your beloved ones without the fear of getting your bonuses to reach its expiration date.

Plus monthly call packages come with many incentives and one can talk to their friends for long hours lacking worrying about income as its a one-time purchase.

Therefore many people who desire to talk for long hours and daily should opt for Warid monthly call packages that are available at a slight more rate but it is worth choosing them for.

Below are monthly call packages along with other benefits. Prepaid plans subscribers can choose the bundle of their need.

 Other Warid Call packages

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
3 Day BundleRs 70+taxDial *99*1#300 on-net mints+30 off-net minutes+500 SMS+500 MBs
Hourly PackageRs.3+taxSMS FIND to 274211pm-7pm(Rs.4+tax/hour)+7pm-11pm(Rs.8+tax/hour)
Ghanta OfferRs.2.99+taxSMS Gh to 3333Rs.5 daily charges+12am-6pm(Rs.2.9+tax/hour)

These are the monthly package for postpaid customers.

Warid special Call packages: Monthly
PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
Mahana OfferRs 520 incl.taxDial *99*33#1500 on-net mints+100 off-net minutes+1500 SMS+1500 MBs

Warid Hourly Call Packages: Prepaid

In addition, additional than daily, weekly and monthly call packages, The Warid similarly offers 3 days and per hour packages to enhance its customers more.


 Other Warid Call packages

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
3 Day BundleRs 70+taxDial *99*1#300 on-net mints+30 off-net minutes+500 SMS+500 MBs
Hourly PackageRs.3+taxSMS FIND to 274211pm-7pm(Rs.4+tax/hour)+7pm-11pm(Rs.8+tax/hour)
Ghanta OfferRs.2.99+taxSMS Gh to 3333Rs.5 daily charges+12am-6pm(Rs.2.9+tax/hour)

Warid Postpaid Call Packages:

Almost all the above-mentioned bundles become for prepaid customers. Below are the call packages for postpaid customers. Though the packages for pay as you go people are less in quantity still Warid offers some great incentives and incentive in the form of free minutes, internet MB’s and SMS for free to their customers to really enjoying in the Warid Postpaid Family.

Warid Postpaid Call packages

PackagePriceActivation CodeDetail
All Net Lite Call PackageRs. 200Dial *99*1#1000 on-net mints+1000 SMS+1000 MBs
All Net Mini Call PackageRs. 400Dial *99*2#2500 on-net mints+2500 SMS+2500 MBs
All Net Smart Call PackageRs. 500Dial *727#1000 on-net mints+250 off-net minutes+1000 SMS+1000 MBs
All Net Super Call PackageRs. 1000Dial *727#2500 on-net mints+500 off-net minutes+2500 SMS+2500 MBs

Warid J All-Net Postpaid Packages:

Warid J All-Net Packages comes with between 100 Minutes to 500 free Minutes. Such Warid Postpaid packages can be availed for 1 complete Month at really affordable. Be sure to find related information below:

PackageFree MinutesMonthly RentValidity
J All-Net Lite Package100 MinsRs. 100/-Monthly
J All-Net Mini Package200 MinsRs. 200/-Monthly
J All-Net Smart Package300 MinsRs. 300/-Monthly
J All-Net Super Package400 MinsRs. 400/-Monthly
J All-Net Budget Package500 MinsRs. 500/-Monthly

Some Add-On Warid Call Packages :


The followings are Add-On Warid Call Packages that can be added with your current package as incentive and you may modifity your current need of data, call or sms,

Add-OnFree MinutesMonthly RentValidity
Warid 100 All Net100 MinsRs. 125/-1 Month
Warid 200 All Net200 MinsRs. 250/-1 Month

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