Warid SMS Supreme offer

The limit in anything ruins me. I love everything in extreme. Oh Warid have given such offer for me and all of you. Now you can send 10000 SMS for the whole month and what I say that is only in 60 rupee plus tax.

Warid SMS Supreme offer in only 60 Rupee

Now never let as you wish for  limit you to say what you really want to say, say it in as many words and as many messages as you want! SMS Supreme is a mega SMS Text messages bundle of 10,000 SMS to meet all your many text messaging needs.

Speak your heart out and type your thoughts away! You can use it along with all other prepaid SMS packages.

How To Activate Warid SMS Supreme offer:

Send “MS” to 3333

Charges for Warid SMS Supreme offer:

Rs. 60+tax/ Month


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