Jazz Balance Save Code (2024 Updated)

Jazz Balance Save Code details

We lose our balance when we use the internet on our phones. Jazz makes it easy to save your balance, so you can use your data bundle without losing any extra money. Just use the Jazz balance save code to fix your balance issue.

Jazz Balance Save Code

If you use Jazz call and internet bundles a lot the Jazz balance saver option is great for you. Jazz has two ways to help you save your balance. The first way is free but the second way costs some money.

If you change your mind and want to stop saving your balance you can do it by dialing certain codes. There are two methods for both Warid and Jazz customers:

  1. Use the save code.
  2. Use the Doosra balance service.

All the details about these offers are explained below.

1. Jazz Balance Save Code when data is ON

You can use *275# on Jazz to save your balance while using the internet. Just follow these steps:

  • Dial *275# on your phone.
  • Wait for the message from Jazz confirming your balance is saved. Your balance stays safe until you use the code to unsave it.

Jazz Balance Save Code Unsubscribe

If you want to use the money  in your mobile for more packages you can turn off the balance saver. Just call *275*4# from your phone. You will get a message confirming that you are no longer part of the offer and it wont cost you anything.

If you dont cancel the offer yourself the saving code will stop working after 30 days without any charge.

2. Use the Doosra balance service

Jazz doosra balance service needs some tax charges to keep your money safe. To keep your Jazz balance safe Jazz made the doosra balance service. You can make a Doosra balance account by dialing *869# and putting in the amount you want to save.

  1. Dial *869# from your Jazz sim.
  2. You’ll get a message confirming that your doosra account is made.
  3. Dial *869# again to save the balance. You will see three options.
  4. Choose the option to save balance and send.
  5. Your balance will be saved and there will be tax charges of Rs 1.2.

Doosra balance deactivation

To stop your extra account balance just dial *869*3#. Your extra account balance will be turned off and you can use that money to buy special packages.

Terms and Conditions

  • Jazz doosra balance account will cost you about 1.2 rupees.
  • Saving your Jazz balance using the code method is totally free.
  • These offers are open to everyone with a prepaid connection.
  • Your subscription will end automatically after 30 days. For more details you can check Jazz official website.

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