How To Convert SIM Network To Mobilink Jazz

Mobilink jazz is the biggest telecom company in Pakistan that has a license so that its customers can enjoy the faster speed of the internet. Along with that Mobilink Jazz also have the best call packages, SMS bundles, and internet offers for their customers so that user can avail the package that is best for them.

Mobilink Jazz has many offers if you will purchase a new sim card then you will get Rs. 30 Balance free and 700 Jazz minutes, SMS, and Mb’s internet for 7 days and that’s not ending, if you will recharge Rs. 100 then you will get the same stuff again for 7 days, isn’t that a good thing?

How Can You Change SIM Network To Jazz

This is so good news for those who are on jazz and this great offer by jazz is attracting customers to change their SIM network to jazz. if you want to join the Mobilink Jazz family then you should go to the franchise or their main office because Mobilink Jazz has no MNP code to change the network at home

. Jazz franchise or retailer shop will charge you Rs. 75 for changing your sim network to Jazz but the main office will not cost you a fee for this network change so if you want to enjoy a new sim offer by jazz then you have to go their offer first to change your network.

How To Convert SIM Number to Mobilink?

  • Mobilink Jazz doesn’t have an MNP string code to convert the sim network to jazz however you should go to the Mobilink franchise or retailer shop to change the network into jazz.
  • Go to a franchise or retailer shop.
  • Take your original CNIC along with an active SIM to convert your number to Mobilink.
  • The number will be converted in 4 working days.
  • Rs. 75 will be charged for changing the network to jazz. this is service fee is free from the main office. franchises and retailers.

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