MNP Code To Convert SIM To Jazz Warid Ufone Telenor Zong

How-to-convert-your-sim on other networkAll telecom networks in Pakistan have announced many great packages, offers, and bundles of calls, SMS, and internet so that users can choose its needy voice bundle or SMS pkg and internet offer but some of the packages are very expensive and those packages having low rates gives not much data volume.  A lot of users face signal issues in their areas and just because of that they are destroying their money by making packages in low signal coverage areas. some telecom networks have a 3G license but some have a 4G license.

How To Convert Your SIM To Mobilink Warid Telenor Zong Ufone

These many problems lead their customers to change their network to other networks. some telecom companies have managed to change the SIM network by dialing string codes and some companies don’t have an MNP offer. like Mobilink jazz, if you want to convert sim on jazz then you have to go to a franchise or retailer shop. Today I shall tell you how to convert your sim to other networks. today in this post we have posted all networks working in Pakistan MNP codes. you can learn how to convert your SIM network to Jazz, Ufone, Warid, Telenor, Or Zong.

How to convert your network to Warid With MNP?

  1. Go to messages and Write MNP and send it to 667.
  2. Name and CNIC will be asked.
  3. Then reply to your name and CNIC number to 76321.
  4. Your SIM network will be converted into Warid within a working 4 days.
  5. Users can also dial 03213213211 to convert their number into Warid.
  6. Go To the nearest retailer or franchise with your original CNIC for more information.

MNP Code to convert your network to Zong?

  1. Type MNP in a message and send it to 667
  2. Name and CNIC will be asked.
  3. Reply to your name and CNIC number to 76313.
  4. SIM network will be changed within 4 working days.
  5. You can also change your sim network to zong online on Zong’s website

Convert Your Number to Mobilink With MNP Code?

Mobilink Jazz doesn’t have an MNP string code to convert the sim network to jazz however you should go to the Mobilink franchise or retailer shop to change the network into jazz.

  1. Go to a franchise or retailer shop.
  2. Take your original CNIC along with an active SIM to convert your number to Mobilink.
  3. The number will be converted in 4 working days.
  4. Rs. 75 will be charged for changing the network to jazz. This is a service fee that is free from the main office. franchises and retailers.

How to convert Network SIM to Ufone With Code?

  1. Type “MNP” and send it to 667
  2. Name and CNIC will be asked, Provide them your CNIC and name.
  3. Your port-in request will be noted when you at Call 03312361236 from the same number you want to convert into Ufone.
  4. Then Visit your nearest Ufone franchise along with your original CNIC and convert your network to Ufone.
  5. SIM conversation to Ufone is free of cost and Ufone also welcomes their new customers by giving them an Rs. 50 balance on their first call.

How to convert Your Number to Telenor MNP String?

  1. Send MNP to 667, You will receive a message with your connection details.
  2. Name and CNIC will be asked, Provide them your CNIC and name.
  3. Then Visit your nearest Telenor franchise along with your CNIC and convert your network to Telenor.
  4. The cost of converting the Sim network to Telenor is Rs 60 but Telenor gives Rs. 50 to its new customer to welcome them into their Telenor family.


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