Have you seen Apple iPad Mini 3 Pictures

Have you seen Apple iPad Mini 3 Pictures? Here you will check the ideas. Somehow, just before the event, the pictures of Apple iPad Mini 3 user’s guide have been leaked online, confirming that the predictions have been legitimate.

Have a look at the new iPad Air 2 iPad Mini 3 in the leaked pictures right now. Looks like Apple has ‘accidentally’ leaked out the images of  iPad Mini 3 just before the official launch tomorrow.

A lot of hype is already out there for Apple’s upcoming event tomorrow, with many predicting it as the launch event for iPad Mini 3 along with the update of Apple’s operating system i.e. iOS 8.1.

Also following the leak of pictures from user’s guide there was another leak of the document containing all the pictures of the upcoming gadgets, have a look at them too: If the product being introduced tomorrow is just as good as in the pics above, then its surely going to create a real buzz in the market.

What do you think? Do share your views in the comments below.

Apple iPad Mini 3 Pictures (1) Apple iPad Mini 3 Pictures (1) Apple iPad Mini 3 Pictures (2) Apple iPad Apple iPad Mini 3 Pictures (4)

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