Face Detecting Feature In New Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

amazon-samsung-mobile-galaxy-s7 copySouth Korea’s famous technology company Samsung has announced that it will equip your future, GALAXY S 8 ” and ‘Galaxy S 8 Plus’ recognize faces smartphone technology so that phones only your I recognized the face of the lock owner.

The analysis from the smartphone industry analysts said that Samsung was emerging thinking in the past few years that fingerprints (fingerprints) of owner identification technology is now quite old the place there should be new and more efficient technologies.

Critics also say that Samsung’s Face Recognition upcoming smartphones the iris of us may even have the technology to identify the user and it may be better to combine both technologies while keeping security we are used to.

Earlier it was reported with reference to sources in the newspaper Samsung of South Korea that the Galaxy S 8, for use in smartphones, which is extremely fast faced recognition technology has developed 100 seconds Anyone can recognize the face in the second part. The user will face when the smartphone will have no right to be in lock wait to use.

Currently it would be premature to say that the technology of face recognition, fingerprint safe, because that is not every man’s fingerprints against prints (fingerprints) that twin and are different from the rest of the world we face recognition technology based on the form of not so reliable.

جنوبی کوریا کی مشہور ٹیکنالوجی کمپنی سام سنگ نے اعلان کیا ہے کہ وہ اپنے آئندہ ’’گیلکسی ایس 8‘‘ اور ’’گیلکسی ایس 8 پلس‘‘ اسمارٹ فونز کو چہرے پہچاننے کی ٹیکنالوجی سے لیس کرے گی تاکہ یہ فونز صرف اپنے مالک کا چہرہ پہچان کر ہی ان لاک ہوں

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